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Welcome to eMarketSafelist
Where Your Ads Get a GUARANTEED Audience!

Free advertising through safelists is a VERY successful strategy used for gaining new


business partners,


list members,


newsletter subscribers, and most importantly...



Did you know that...

Every 2 Seconds Another Person Joins The Internet Community.
Every 11 Seconds Another Person Starts a Home-Based Business!

Since they are new to making money online, these budding entrepreneurs seek out free advertising sources to start learning the art of promotion.

many of them land right here at eMarketSafelist!

If new money-maker-wannabees are finding there way here, doesn't it make sense to make sure that YOUR ADS are here for them to VIEW when they arrive? Of course it does! After all, they are your TARGET MARKET.

Start getting your email, text and banner ads in front of a targeted and guaranteed audience now!

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What Our Safelist Family Members Say...

I have found my best business partners and downline builders from consistently marketing to these smaller safelists especially because they contain my "Target Market".
~Timothy McGaffin II


"My business is really growing and I owe a lot of the success to you and your wonderful tutorial. I plan to order much more advertising with my profits!"
~Patti Taylor

"Safelists are the best thing I have used in a long, long time. My turnover for safelists is quite high." ~Amy McFarland


Safelists are my primary marketing arena and not only have I grown subscriber lists and attained new business partners, I've also earned THOUSANDS in the process."
~Barbie Zabel

"I have to say a huge thank you for sending me the link of that site of yours. I am reading since hours and am busy to sort all my lists. I have already downloaded the two programs you mention there and I am delighted with that tester for the headlines! That is the best stuff I ever came across, I really have to say that. I am happy to be in your lists." ~Renate

So Now... Ya Think Safelist Marketing Works?!  Join Today!

eMarketSafelist  Benefits


We Guarantee YOUR Page Will Be Viewed!

eMarketSafelist members WILL view your offer because they receive spendable credits automatically when they visit other members' websites!

Members' Text and Banner Ads are rotated on every page of our site PLUS in the timer frame when earning credits!


Generous Free Sign Up and Monthly Credits

Use them to send your email ads to our list members PLUS for banner and text ad impressions!


Earn 50% Commissions On Your Referrals' Upgrades and Credit Package Purchases!


eMarketSafelist Features


NO Login to Earn Credits

While some sites make you login to view ads and click links for credits, our credit links come directly to YOUR inbox for easy credit-earning anytime.


Lottery Links

Each email has a chance of containing a Lottery Link which will win random extra credits.


HTML Visual Ad Creator

Get your readers' attention with your choice of fonts, colors, even graphics! (Upgraded feature only)



No auto-join or submitters are allowed access to our membership!


Regular Contests

Active Reader/Clicker and Referral Contests with valuable prizes keep our members actively reading YOUR ads and bringing YOU more potential customers!


Bounce Handling

So that you don't waste your time and money on dead accounts, eMarketSafelist uses a specialized Bounce Management system which ensures you're mailing to ACTIVE MEMBERS (unlike other lists where members can be inactive for months or even years!).


Vacation Setting

Turn your account off at any time to prevent your inbox from filling up while you're away.


Contact Solo Ads

Members and non-members can now purchase a STAND ALONE ad that will be sent to all active members' Contact email address.  (You can even use your free credits to purchase a solo ad!)

Unlike other safelists, our solo ads contain NO OTHER ADS BUT YOURS!  They also contain EXTRA CREDITS - Be sure to read them!  See our current Advertising Options here.


FREE Credit Solo Ads

Members can now grab a STAND ALONE ad that will be sent to all active members' Contact email address using their credits instead of cash!


FREE List Solos Ads

For our members who want their ads to STAND OUT from the crowd and get viewed FIRST, List Solo Ads are now added FREE to every member (number dependent on membership level) and can be sent to all active members' List email address in text or HTML whenever you wish, even with our exclusive 24 hour timer! Our List Solo Ads contain EXTRA CREDITS so they are sure to be read first!


Header Email Ads (and more!)

Members (and non-members) can now purchase a header ad space in every email our members send out for a full 2 weeks!  See our current Advertising Options here.


JOIN eMarketSafelist FREE Today!



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